Wednesday, June 30, 2010

So glad

I have been super-busy all week with everything going on, its ridiculous. I move all the kids around in the mornings and get them to where they are supposed to be, and it is very hard. They are so cute, though! It's totally worth the stress to be able to work with these little guys. On Tuesday, one of them was so tired, he actually took a nap in the middle of all of the other kids relaxing and playing! It was quite a sight. I am so grateful that I get to work with these kids. I just don't know what I would do without them!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Movies I wanna see....

YouTube - 'Easy A' Trailer HD
I am SOOOO excited to see this movie!!!!!
I have the best plans with my friends for these movies: awesome nights out, and I am sure I will think more than one part of these movies is absolutely adorable! everyone should see these...

Saturday, June 26, 2010

This is stupid...

What a stereotype I thought bloggers were! I now realize that I was completely wrong about the typical blogger putting their thoughts out like a diary or just a recording of their day... no! I just hit the next blog button like 50 times and only came across moms, moms to be, women trying to become moms, moms who are obsessed with food, and moms who craft.

Honestly? You don't need a blog. JOIN FACEBOOK! I did! A blog should not be your twitter and facebook where you just spew about how cute your kids are! I appreciate the food blogs and the craft instructions, those are cool things that people appreciate others sharing, but your PREGNANCY??? No one needs to hear about your tough pregnancy after years of fertility treatments! By not being able to conceive naturally, your body was trying to tell you something-- it can't handle a pregnancy. You waited too long, or your mom screwed you over by doing something stupid during her pregnancy. Get over it. Stop beating up your body and praying for something that shouldn't happen, and ADOPT!!!!!!!! There are hundreds of thousands of kids all over the world in foster care looking to be adopted. Be a haven for some kid looking to have a better life. Be their angel.

Oh, Dear...


That's my way of saying, "f***, I'm thinking about life again...." which is never a good sign. I think: live life to the fullest. Early to bed and early to rise gets the most out of their days, because there are a lot of fun morning things you can get done that you can't get done at night. Don't stay up watching TV, it's not worth losing the sleep and then if there is anything good on which there usually isn't, you can watch it the next day online. Put in more effort and reap more rewards. Exercise 5 days a week because you feel so much better when you do. Drink more water.

Then I take a step back, laugh and remember that I'm too lazy to do any of this.

Something cute...

Its 2AM and I still cannot sleep! This will be a problem for tomorrow night, because I need to be up at 6AM Monday morning for work! While I have been pondering in my terrible headache-y lack-of-sleep boredom, something just jumped up on me... my cat! And she is VERY cute.
See? She's almost adorable!

Mostly just cute and furry.

I love bubbles!

Today I got something in the mail that was supposed to arrive yesterday- a bubble machine! Yes, an amazing bubble machine... anyhoo, when I opened my bubble machine today, inserted the batteries and turned it on, I was in for a real shock: my bubble machine doesn't work!!! It is the most disheartening thing that has happened to me in a long time. I was really excited when I opened the box- the bubble machine was purple!!!!! But, alas, it was not meant to be-- I ran the machine on brand new batteries for 15 seconds, and then it died. I will be doing something about this; i just don't know what yet... I will get my revenge.

Also today, there was camp training- SO much fun being with everyone! I am supped for camp this year!!! I plan on having a blast, so everyone had better hold onto their socks and get good a night's sleep every night, because things are going to be high energy in the heat and rainy days! I love camp so much, it totally makes up for the bubble machine. Also, I bought this amazing bubble wand the other day, and it makes a trilling fairy godmother sound, so that helps, too. If there is anyone out there, leave a comment about bubbles! Well, there's probably no one, but if there is someone, it would be really cool if you left a comment!

Hi Sunshine!

Hey everyone!!!
Of course, I don't think that there is an everyone... just me for now... this is my very first post! It is 3:15AM and I cannot sleep. I do not know why, just can't. So, I am creating this blog! Hmm, something about this, maybe the title? I say that things are adorable a lot. A lot a lot. If I like it, it is adorable! So, there is the answer to that unasked question. I guess I will be like anyone else out there, posting things I like and commenting on things I don't. Just your average blogger. So, if there is anything you would like to ask me, or say, or whatnot, comment! I'd like to see if anyone would ever read this!