Tuesday, October 29, 2013

My Weight Loss Journey

I am now on an epic weight loss journey. This is projected over the next three years. I had 140lbs to loose to get to my goal weight and I expect to get there. I am gearing up and am excited to run this marathon. I joined a weight loss support group, weight watchers, and a gym. I'm taking baby steps in adding and subtracting things to my daily life. I am 3.2 down so far. And with the temptation of Halloween two days from now, I expect to loose even more. I am that confident :). Now grab some popcorn and get settled in, there's a long story to follow folks!


I began Knitting about a year ago when I picked up a kit and decided I was going to learn to purl and cable. Now, I am a member of ravelry and am uploading my yarn to my online stash! I also have my sister's birthday coming up. I need to knit her a hat in less than 2 weeks, and have yet to pick a pattern! But anything I let become a FO ends up being some adorable item I do a happy dance over, so I am not anxious about that as much as I am about finishing in time for her to wear it out clubbing after her birthday dinner with our parents! I believe she wants a larger, slouchy, boho hippie rasta whatever type hat- one that has a pouch in the back? The one that's tight and then looks like you could pile an afro into it. But I have never made a hat or anything successfully in the round before- except for an experimental sock that turned out somewhat wrong. Now this? I'm freaking out. Week deadline and it has to be soft, perfect, and Adorable!